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Life With Layla


Layla (The Pet Supply Company)

Layla (The Pet Supply Company)


A little over a year ago, we adopted a 10 month old Labrador-Spaniel Mix puppy named Layla, who quickly turned our lives upside down and inside out. This writer-lady and her husband love our silly dog and enjoy her immensely. I hope you will too as I share some Lalya-stories with you in the coming months here on The Pet Supply Company Blog.


Thanks to Layla, I was able to, very awkwardly,  meet our next door neighbors for the first time. It was long after dark one night, a few weeks after she came to live with us. Layla had dug a hole under the backyard fence and slipped herself into our neighbor’s yard. They have 3 huge German Shepherds in a dog run and she was sure that they would be fun playmates. it had been driving her crazy ever since she had caught their scent on the other side of that fence. Layla automatically assumes that everyone is her friend and wants to meet her as desperately as she wants to meet them.


So there we were, my husband and I, calling, whistling and begging our big puppy to come back to us through the hole under the fence. We were living out that funny scene of the prisoners in the Pirates of the Caribbean Ride at Disneyland, only it did not feel so funny at the time. And Layla was just like that stubborn dog, holding the jail keys just out of reach. She thought it was a terribly fun game we were playing with her. She kept just out of reach and grinned at our futile efforts to coax her back to our side of the fence.


My husband decided that I get to be the one to go knock on the neighbor’s door at dark o’clock and ask if I can please go chase my dog around their backyard. I grabbed my slippers and a baggy of turkey to use as bribery and went to knock on their front door. They were, of course, very nice to this weird lady on their porch in slippers and carrying a bag of meat.


As the curious children stared at me, I walked through my neighbor’s home and out to the backyard. I was dreading the spectacle that I was about to give as I chased our puppy all over their yard. Thankfully, Layla came right to me, full of joy and excitement at being re-united. Do dogs have a super short-term memory loss? She seemed to have forgotten that I had just been begging her to come to me through the hole under the fence. But speaking of memory loss, I had forgotten to bring her leash with me, so I had to pick up her gangly, quivering body and haul her out of there in my arms and back to our house, muttering many thanks to the neighbors. And no, she did not get to eat the turkey reward. (Training Aids HERE.)


Our life with Layla started off pretty rough. I was not always sure that she would be staying with us, and I came very close to putting her on Craig’s List more than once. She came from a home that liked her a lot, but they didn’t have enough time for her and she’d spent many hours in her crate, so this led to a very hyper-active and uncontrollable 10 month old puppy that just wanted some loving attention. But patience  and time together has made her a sweet part of our family. Now we are approaching her 2nd birthday and we cannot imagine life without our Layla! Thanks for coming by The Pet Supply Company website and if you need some great ideas for your dog’s birthday or everyday gifts, click HERE!

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Susie Klein is a freelance writer who loves writing, her husband, her kids and her dog. The order may vary from time to time.


  1. Glad you kept her. I was worried when you used to say you were second guessing the adoption, but you and hub are such good parents! ANd now look she is a celebrity! What a great site- am checking out for products (bird food and cat/dog stuff) to compare prices etc. Looking forward to hearing more from you here , Mrs. Klein!

    • They were barking their heads off, in their own run, until the owner said one word and they were quiet. Impressive and made me even more embarrassed at my wayward child. Ha!

  2. We have all enjoyed Layla’s antics over the past year+, and have been cheering her on from the bloglines. I am so glad that she finally wiggled a place securely into your hearts. I’ll bet there are no lures out there strong enough who could entice you to let go of her now! Yay Layla! You did it!!!

  3. Susie – So happy to see you sharing your pet stories over here. Your puppy Layla sounds so much like ours (Abby). In fact, they look alike and around the same age. I can identify with the high-energy and game playing and your story brought a warm, happy smile to my face.

  4. Oh dog-dogs. We adopted our Weimie when he was five and he keeps us guessing with ornery behavior quite often. We think for awhile he was sneaking into our neighbor’s garage and gorging himself on their kibbles. Bad bad doggy!

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