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“I have NEVER heard a sound like that from an animal!” This is a sentence you DO NOT want to hear from your dog’s veterinarian. (Every animal on your property needs The Pet Supply Company.)


According to Layla’s dog shelter paperwork she is a Labrador-Spaniel mix, but she makes sounds that only a HOUND can make. Those coonhounds that chase a fox up a tree and stand beneath it howling again and again; that’s what she sounds like when nervous or excited. (Hunting dogs need special supplies too. Come by The Pet Supply Company for everything you need.)


We took Layla to a new local veterinary office recently. I had asked on the phone if we could come close to closing hours because she gets loud when other dogs are around. They chuckled and said they were used to barking dogs.


After listening to her wail for 20 minutes in the echo chamber of a waiting room, we introduced Layla to the veterinarian and that is when the doctor made the above statement. Someone who has worked with animals for many years said that they had NEVER heard such a sound!


The veterinarian said she thought that an animal was being hurt. I agree with her. It is a cross between a loud moan and a barking seal. You cannot tell if she is happy or extremely sad. Is she frustrated or just too joyful to contain herself? (A busy dog is a happy dog. Order dog toys online here!)


This sound of hers has embarrassed me again and again when walking her in the park. It reverberates across the grassy expanse and causes every other human to look our way to see what is wrong. They look worried that I may be torturing my dog. Some will smile with understanding when they see that she is just excited. Others will hurriedly move their pet as far away as possible.


Just imagine how it sounded in the cement block veterinarian’s examination room. (The Pet Supply Company is a quality online source for pet healthcare products.)


When Layla is off her leash in a dog park, she is a quiet dog. She gets along beautifully with every other dog in the place. She does not bark at other dogs or people at all. Because she is free to enjoy playing with them. But when she is on a leash that is restraining her from other potential friends, the loud wail of despair is let loose. Layla seems to be saying, “I want to know you! Hey you, come be my friend, PLEEEEASE!”


I found a new idea at The Pet Supply Company that may fix this barking pet problem. (Click here to see my new idea to try.) The only time I am thankful for my loud dog is when salesmen come to our door. I hold her back and just shake my head at them and they leave quickly. Thank-you Layla! Here at The Pet Supply Company we strive to help you care for your pets and animals in the best way possible. Our pet products are all of top quality and can be ordered online quickly and easily. We save you money because at The Pet Supply Company we offer free shipping! Come check us out today!

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You may be thrilled that the summer break is over and your kids are back in school. Now you will have more time for some serious online shopping. But your pets are in grief mode because their playmate has disappeared for no apparent reason! After three months of constant attention, your dogs are missing their best friend. And you know what happens when a dog gets bored…creative destruction!


Suddenly you are finding more holes dug in the lawn and the couch pillows are being destroyed one by one. It is time for some online shopping at The Pet Supply Company!


Dogs are very social animals. Though many dogs will be happy to nap the day away, during their waking hours they want attention from their humans. Dogs need to be entertained and challenged. A bored dog is a frustrated dog. Most of the bad behavior that dogs display can be traced back to boredom and frustration.


The Pet Supply Company has a few recommendations:


  1. Take your dogs for long walks every day. When your kids were home all day, your pets probably chased and followed them around, giving them some great exercise. Now the pets need your help to keep them active and healthy. Order a great quality walking leash and a fun new collar online today.
  2. Play with your dogs every day. Yes, you are a busy person with a full list of things to accomplish each day. But you are a dog owner and that means that your pets are fully dependent upon you for their health, safety and happiness. Take a little break from your duties and get down on the floor and play with your dog. At The Pet Supply Company you will find a huge and varied selection of great dog toys that can be ordered online easily and quickly.
  3. Give your kids an outside playtime before they sit down to do homework each afternoon. Send them out with the dogs to run and play fetch. It will tire them all out and make for a more peaceful evening. Order dog Frisbee-type dog toys and other dog toys online at The Pet Supply Company.
  4. Set aside some of your daily alone time to train your dog. Dogs love to be challenged. It makes their day when they can complete a task you asked them to do! Something as simple as learning how to sit on command is a wonderful accomplishment for pet and owner. Come on by The Pet Supply Company for a great collection of training treats and accessories.
  5. Do some fun back-to-school shopping online for your dogs. Buy dog clothes online at TPSC! The cooler weather is the perfect excuse to buy a doggie sweater or two, right? And at The Pet Supply Company shipping is FREE!
  6. Fall is also a smart time to order dog beds online. After a summer of playing outdoors in the dirt and sand, your pet’s bed may be a little ragged and smelly. Here at The Pet Supply Company we have dog beds of every size and design you can imagine. Small or large, frilly or masculine, our quality dog beds are made to satisfy exactly what your pet needs.


The best part of doing your back-to-school shopping online for your pets is that at The Pet Supply Company the shipping is totally FREE! After all the extra shipping you have paid while shopping online for your kid’s back-to-school supplies, this is a nice surprise. Come check out our beautiful new website right now! And happy shopping!





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Like every wise adult today you may have arrived at The Pet Supply Company Blog because you asked Google to help you make an important life decision. Should you get a dog or should you not get a dog? It is a huge question and ought not be taken lightly. You do not need to stress or worry anymore because this blog post is going to help you with your dilemma right now.




There are many good reasons to get a dog. There are also many bad reasons to get a dog. Adding a dog to your family is a wonderful thing to do. But it is important to make this life altering change with a clear head and an intentional plan. I will begin with the bad reasons to get a dog, so that we can end with the good reasons to get a dog.








  • I want to get a dog to teach my kids responsibility. Many parents feel that adding a pet to the family will train their children to care for someone other than himself or herself. They expect the feeding, cleaning and training chores to be a great way to teach responsibility.
    But it is not fair to the pet. Yes, your kid may learn that bad things happen when you forget to feed Fido, but what about the poor neglected dog? Don’t make Fido into an experiment gone wrong.




  • I feel so guilty during those commercials on TV about the suffering dogs in the shelter waiting for me to rescue them! Guilt is a useful tool to manipulate people into doing things they do not really want to do. Adopting or “rescuing” a dog out of guilt will only add to the problem. Dogs need owners that sincerely want them and desire to love and care for them.




  • I need a guard dog. Dogs are living creatures that deserve to be loved and enjoyed. They are not tools or security guards. Yes, a dog can be a great protector of your family and home, but that should be secondary as a reason to get a dog.














  • I want a dog for companionship. A dog is a wonderful companion to add to your household. Someone to talk to, exercise with and take care of.

  • I love animals. Loving animals is the best reason to get a dog! He or she will thrive in a loving home. An animal knows when the caregiver loves it or is just tolerating it.

  • I want my kids to grow up loving and being loved by a dog. If you grew up with a dog, you know what a wonderful bond is built between child and pet. It is a beautiful part of growing up!


  • Dogs are entertaining and fun! It is true; a dog adds an extra spice to any family. As long as you have done your research and you know what kind of dog is a great match for your lifestyle, then DO IT!



Dogs and families go together. Dogs and singles go together too. Just like animals and The Pet Supply Company goes together! Pets require a lot of equipment and we are here to make it easy for you! Browse around our beautifully remodeled website and click the items you need. In just a few days, the products you chose will arrive at your doorstep. Shopping online for pet products just got simpler because The Pet Supply Company offers FREE SHIPPING! Come check us out right now!