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The dreaded task looms before you. You know that your dog’s toenails need to be trimmed. Many outdoor dogs do not need any help in this area. If they spend a lot of time running on cement or gravel, their nails may be getting the required trim naturally. But if your dog spends more hours inside than outside, lucky you, it is up to you to take care of this one way or another. The Pet Supply Company cares about the health and safety of your dog. Come to our remodeled website and shop online for the best tools for this job. Shipping is FREE!


First you need to decide if this is a job for a professional or is it a do-it-yourself kind of task. A professional dog groomer will usually charge a very small fee to take care of your pet’s toenails. Does your pet go to a groomer on a regular basis anyway? If so, then it make sense to simply add this request the next time you take your pet in for a makeover. Easy-peasy, problem solved.


But if you do not take your dog to a groomer consistently or at all, you may want to consider doing this little job yourself. Otherwise, the added stress of going to a new place will just make the nail trimming a more traumatic experience for your pet.


The ASPCA suggests helping your pet become accustomed to having his feet and toes handled by touching them gently every day for a few days prior to the actual nail trimming day. Many dogs hate having their feet touched and will need the extra time to get used to you handling them.


Next you will want to let your dog get used to the trimmers that you plan to use. There are two types of pet nail trimmers. The guillotine style has a small hole for the toenail and a sharp blade comes down through the hole at an angle to cut the nail off. The other nail trimmer style is a basic scissor style. You will find several high quality dog nail trimmers at The Pet Supply Company. It’s easy to order dog nail trimmers online today.)


There is actually a third alternative to these two nail trimmers. Many dog owners use a dremel tool to literally sand the excess toenail away. Again, it would be wise to let your pet become accustomed to the look and sound of this tool before attempting its use. (Order Oster Gentle Paws HERE or the Furminator Grinding Tool HERE.)


Most dogs are not going to sit still for this job. It may take more than one person. One will be the dog holder and the other will be the actual trimmer. A dog that is uncomfortable with his feet being handled will pull away at the first attempt to trim the nail. The dog holder must be ready to hold the bulk of the dog and hold a paw in the correct position for the trimmer.


The ASPCA also suggests making the experience a more pleasant one by offering the dog a treat after each snip. Have a good supply of dog treats close by to help distract your dog as best you can.


Trimming your dog’s toenails is going to require your patience. Do not expect to do this all at once or in a hurry. You may even have to cut only one or two nails a day if your dog becomes highly stressed and agitated. Be ready to stay calm and reassuring.


There are many helpful videos online that will guide you into the precise mechanics of trimming your dog’s nails. You do not want to cut the nail too short as that could lead to bleeding and pain for your pet. Your dog will know if you are nervous about this task, so take your time and do your research before you introduce your dog to the device you decide to use. Click on over to The Pet Supply Company for a great variety of nail trimming tools to choose from! Come by today, shipping is always FREE!


The Pet Supply Company

Layla, my goofy Labrador-Spaniel mix is trembling as she circles our in-ground swimming pool. Her eyes will not leave the water even if I call her name. This has become her morning ritual since we moved into this house 2 months ago.

At 10 o’clock each morning the pool pump comes on and that means there will be bubbles happening soon. For some reason unknown to me, Layla has decided to try to bite those bubbles and let them know who is boss. Her real dilemma is that the bubbles happen in three different spots at the same time.

So she circles the pool hoping to be near one of the spots when the pump produces the bubbles in the water. It is like watching my dog play musical chairs! She bites at one eruption of bubbles and runs to the next spot and back again over and over until they stop. Maybe she believes that she is the one who stopped them and considers herself the winner of the game.

The bubble game becomes my problem on the days when 10 o’clock arrives and we are not outside yet. Layla whines and her whole body becomes tense with anticipation when she hears the pump begin to rumble. She runs from window to window and then back to the back door until I let her outside. It took me several mornings to understand what her problem was. I thought she just had to pee really badly!

A bubble machine for dogs would be an excellent invention, don’t you think? The Pet Supply Company has hundreds of pet toys to buy online. To order dog toys online, the best place to begin your search is at The Pet Supply Company; so let’s see what we can find to entertain our doggies. Besides playing musical chairs with the swimming pool, that is.

• Do you and your pup love camo? The Pet Supply Company has several ultra durable camo themed (Americas Vetdog Camo – Buy it here) chew toys and squeakers in a variety of sizes for small to large dogs.

• TPSC proudly carries the well-known and extra strong pet toys by KONG. This section of Tennis Ball Material toys is full of sure winners for your active pet!

• Latex dog toys are popular with many small and toy breed dogs for something a bit unusual come see this sort of creepy bare foot for them to munch. (Click here to see it.)

• The Bottle Buddy is a clever way to allow your dog to have fun with that crazy crunching sound that happens when a plastic water bottle is squeezed between their jaws. The plush toys fit over your own empty water bottles, or on hot days you may want to leave the bottles full of water as long as your pet is outside for his crunch time!

Roopers Dogs is a hilarious dog toy that has so much charm you will love seeing your dog walk by with this goofy guy in her clutches. They are sculptured rope characters that are great pieces of art for your pup to gnaw on. You’ve got to click on over and check these little guys out right now!

• The perfect gift for Shark Week! The Amphibious Shark Fin Dog Toy is designed to throw in the water for your dog to fetch it and bring it back to you. It is a self-righting, high floating shark fin that will not scare humans unless they think that sharks come in all sorts of bright colors.

I did not find a bubble machine for dogs online, but The Pet Supply Company does offer a special bottle of Kookamunga Catnip Bubbles for your kitty cat’s jumping pleasure! Who knew such a thing existed? Now we all do! Come by The Pet Supply Company today and see many more crazy and fun pet toys to order online!

Hula Dog!

Hula Dog!

Halloween is fast approaching and you have decided that you want your dog to have fun right along side you. Today The Pet Supply Company has 6 super simple and adorable costume ideas for your dog!

But first, some safety reminders:

Before you take your dressed up pooch out and about, there are a few things to keep in mind. Some dogs are very fearful of new situations. So it would be wise to make sure your pet is comfortable in a crowd of creepy people. Will the odd costumes scare your dog? Will he or she end up trying to “protect” you from the giant Frankenstein that is coming toward you both?

Make sure your dog has an up-to-date ID tags on his collar or chip in case you get separated. Many dogs that are left at home on Halloween escape their yards because of all the strangers wandering around the neighborhood. If your dog is fine with being in a crowd and wearing a costume, try to keep the costume simple, comfortable and do not block his movement or vision.

Ready for 6 Super Simple Dog Costumes?

1. MUMMY DOG – Simply wrap a long strip of white gauze loosely around your dog’s body. If you want to get gory, you can add some red food coloring to sections of the gauze.

2. CLOWN DOG – Visit a thrift store and look for a brightly colored blouse with a ruffled collar attached. Just remove the cloth collar and attach it to your dogs collar. A child’s tutu would do the trick also! Instant clown…if the collar is big and bright enough!

3. FOOTBALL DOG – This costume idea requires a solid brown or tan dog first of all. All you need is a felt cutout of the white threads on the side of a football. Attach to your doggie’s back.

4. SUPER DOG – This easy dog Halloween costume only needs a small cape to attach to the back of your pet’s collar or harness.

5. CHIA PET DOG – A furry green sweater that fits your pup would turn him into everyone’s favorite plant. You may want to use some styling goop to make the fur into curly Chia-style leaves. (May need to experiment with this first.)

6. BALLERINA DOG – All you need to turn your dog into a stunning ballet dancer is a small tutu!

Here at The Pet Supply Company we hope you and your pets have a fun and safe Halloween holiday! Come by our super simple online pet supply store today! And remember to keep the candy away from your dogs! Now click on over to The Pet Supply Company!