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Many people do not realize that animals can suffer from environmental allergies just like humans. The Pet Supply Company is aware of this fact and we desire to see you and your pets enjoy a happy and healthy lifestyle. No matter what the season, you can help your pet with his or her allergies with the specific medications and relief resources you need.


One of the most common symptoms that your dog may have seasonal allergies is hair loss and more itching than normal. His skin becomes rough and red from the constant scratching. The additional scratching can quickly lead to skin infections if not caught early.


The Pet Supply Company can provide you with a great variety of products to assist in giving relief to your pet. Buying pet supplies online has never been easier or quicker. When you see your dog suffering with skin dryness and excessive scratching you will want to give him relief as soon as possible. You may not have to wait for a veterinarian appointment if you can give relief with our products ordered online.


We offer several top quality brands that come highly recommended. Three pet health products that will give immediate relief are the following:


  1. Allercaine SprayAllercaine Spray is a topical spray that gives an immediate soothing covering over your dog’s hot spots and any wounds caused by excessive scratching or insect bites. The spray reduces itching and has an ingredient that prevents your pet from licking the wounded area.
  2. Corti-Care HydrocortisoneCorti-Care has anti-itch properties and gives fast and safe relief from many minor skin irritations and inflammation.
  3. Sulfodine 3-Way OintmentSulfodine 3-Way Ointment is a great product to have on hand for those unexpected insect bites and quick pain relief. Sulfodine prevents infection and provides a germ and insect barrier that will protect your family pet. Three jobs in one product! 1-Prevents infection. 2-Provides pain relief. 3-Prides and insect barrier.


Hopefully the pet products you order from The Pet Supply Company will cover the health and safety of your dogs all year around. We care about your pets and want to hear some good reports of how these products have made a difference in your battle against seasonal allergies for your pets.


We know that your pets are an important part of your family. That is why we strive to give you everything you need to keep them happy and healthy. Come on by our recently remodeled website! Take a look around and order everything you need for this season and the next. The Pet Supply Company offers FREE SHIPPING! You won’t find that on other pet supply websites. We are your one-stop shopping center for all things pet-related! See you at The Pet Supply Company today! 


Life With Layla-The Pet Supply Company-Dogs Under Pillows

The Pet Supply Company

The Pet Supply Company

So this morning I googled the following question, “Why does my dog hide under pillows?”


I keep walking into rooms and finding our dog, Layla, with just her nose or feet peaking out from under pillows on our bed or the couch. I am not worried about this odd new habit of Layla’s, but I am curious if it is normal or not. This goofy behavior began while we were packing up our house in preparation for the big move from one state to another. I wondered if it was a symptom of stress. Was she hiding under pillows, cushions and blankets because she was upset and needed to comfort herself?


According to my limited research, dogs like to “burrow” as an instinctual way to get comfortable and feel safe. Researchers also call it “dening”. It is not about being stressed or upset, but it is like an ancient dog going into its den to rest without interruption. This is why most dogs will enjoy being in a crate, even if they resist at first. (Buy a dog crate online at The Pet Supply Company!)


The other day I searched all over the house for her without calling her name. Finally I heard a soft swishing sound in our bedroom. It was her tail wagging under my pillow! Goofy dogs are the best, aren’t they?


I have been able to catch her in the act a few times and it is fascinating to watch. She uses her nose to shift material around and to “dig” herself into position under a pillow. How she manages to wriggle herself completely under a large pillow is pretty funny to observe. (The Pet Supply Company has a huge variety of great dog beds you can order online with FREE SHIPPING!)


Right now as I write this piece, Layla is curled up in a tight ball next to me. She is not under a pillow or blanket. Dogs are social animals and my girl is no exception. She loves to be near me. But even dogs enjoy a bit of alone time once in a while. She cannot go into another room and close the door or jump in the car to be alone. So it makes sense that the next best escape is to burrow under the nearest pillow and block out the world for a bit to get some rest and relaxation. After all, a dog’s life is just busy, busy, busy, right?


Here at The Pet Supply Company our desire is to do whatever we can to give your pet of any size a safe, healthy and happy life. Whether you are “owned” by a cat or you run a cattle ranch, The Pet Supply Company has a great selection of pet items for you to choose from. Come on by and browse around our totally remodeled website. It is now easier to navigate and find exactly what you need! And don’t forget one of our biggest changes….FREE SHIPPING! Click over to The Pet Supply Company right now!


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