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Can your dog read your mind? Does your pet have some kind of extra sensory perception that allows her to know that you are getting ready to go for a walk (Buy dog leashes online) before you even make a move towards the door? How can the family Cocker Spaniel know when Daddy is expected home from work? In our lives shared with dogs, we may find ourselves asking these questions or others like them. It seems as if the dogs we live with are always one step ahead of us throughout the day.


My dog will go to the door (Doggy doors online) watching expectantly for my husband to come home about 30 minutes before he arrives home. The odd part of this little behavior is that my husband does not have a consistent work schedule, it is different every day and there is literally no pattern to his arrival at home from week to week. My theory is that when he has been gone almost 8 hours, the dog knows it is about time for the man to come through the door. Maybe she has an inner clock of some kind that reminds her to check the door. (Pet Supply Company)


Our pets are more aware of the world around them than we give credit. They watch us closely and all of their senses are put to work deciphering what we are doing. In the evening when I am getting the coffee maker set up for the morning, my dog is watching, listening and smelling. She knows that the next step is bedtime. We like our routines and rituals, and the pets pick up on the signals. My dog knows that I am about to ask her to go to her crate for the night. (Buy dog crates online) She curls up on the couch and refuses to look me in the eye, as if she is hoping that I will forget she is there. Just like we did when we were kids, right? (Buy dog bed online.)


But the ability to use all of their senses is being put to a much more important use in recent years. Studies have proven that trained dogs can smell cancer on the breath of humans in the very early stages and sometimes even before stage one. There are biochemical markers in the breath that are only present when lung or breast cancer is present. To quote a conclusion by Integrative Cancer Therapies, Training was efficient and cancer identification was accurate; in a matter of weeks, ordinary household dogs with only basic behavioral “puppy training” were trained to accurately distinguish breath samples of lung and breast cancer patients from those of controls. This pilot work using canine scent detection demonstrates the validity of using a biological system to examine exhaled breath in the diagnostic identification of lung and breast cancers. Future work should closely examine the chemistry of exhaled breath to identify which chemical compounds can most accurately identify the presence of cancer.”


Dogs are also being used more and more in therapy to comfort and sooth a stressful person. (Pet supplies online here.)In fact, this week a team of Comfort Therapy Dogs from the Comfort Dog Program is being sent to the Boston Marathon on the first anniversary of the 2013 Boston Marathon attacks. This organization was formed in 2008 after a school shooting at Northern Illinois University. They now have about 80 trained dogs in 10 states and 4 of them have been at Sandy Hook School in Newtown on a semi-permanent basis since the school shootings there.


The simple act of petting a dog will lower the blood pressure of both the person and the dog, so it makes sense that the presence of a dog in the middle of a stressful situation can help lower the stress dynamically. We share our homes and this world with these four-legged friends. They look to us for care, shelter and food. (Buy dog food and pet supplies online here.) In return our pets protect us, comfort us and sometimes even save a life. Come by The Pet Supply Company today!

Life With Layla – I Have an Indoor Dog


The Pet Supply Company

The Pet Supply Company

A few minutes ago I was all set up to write a blog post outside in my backyard. It is a beautiful spring day with lovely high temps and clear blue skies. Tall glass of iced tea…check. My laptop is all charged up…check. The backyard chairs are set up so that my legs are in the sun but the laptop screen is in the shade….check. Layla is with me and has a large bowl of water in her dog dish…check.


I sit down and open my laptop to a blank Word Document. Layla is pacing around the yard, following the scent of a neighbor cat, no doubt. She is very unhappy that an intruder has been in her yard without her permission. This is serious business. Back and forth, across the large yard she goes, with her nose to the ground. (Order cat food online here.)


I call to her. I want her to relax beside me and stop fussing like a little old lady. She comes to me and plops herself down on the cement next to my patio chair. But within 30 seconds she is up again, chasing a bird away from her water dish. Layla is infuriated! She goes back to circling the perimeter of the yard with gusto. How dare a wild bird use her water dish as a bathtub! (Buy birdseed online here)


Meanwhile I am staring at my computer, willing the words to appear before me. Layla has now decided to stand at the back door and whine. She wants to go back in the house. No one is in there to let her in and I do not want to leave the screen door open to allow flies and bees inside my house. (Doggy Doors here.) I plead with her to relax and sit down beside me while I work, like she does when we work inside.


But my dear little Labrador-Cocker mix has made up her mind that indoors is where she belongs. Layla relaxes best when inside the house. She barks at the neighbors out the window, but she does not pace and fuss. My dog has declared herself to be an inside dog. She has forgotten that she came from wolves that lived outside all year-round.


Actually, Layla may be closer to the truth than I am. Her ancestors lived in caves. They slept in wolf dens and kept their young pups safe by hiding them behind bushes and rocks in caves and crevices. Dogs are totally designed to live indoors. Even a sport dog like a Labrador and a water dog like a Cocker Spaniel can be perfectly at home inside.  Layla was not at all impressed with the ocean last month. Water that moves back and forth was a bit too confusing to her.


Who won this little power play, you ask? Well, she is snoring with contentment beside me on the couch in our family room. (Buy quality dog bed online.)  But I can still SEE the pretty day out there through the big windows.


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