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The Pet Supply Company

Don’t forget the family dog when you are writing out your Christmas Gift List! Fido will be sitting there watching you all tear open your holiday presents and you just know he will be waiting patiently for his packages to open, right?

Okay, so he will probably NOT be waiting quietly. More than likely he will be picking up on the unusual sense of anticipation and excitement in the family. For some pets, this can lead to anxiousness and behavior problems. What to do?

Christmas is a great time to include your dog in as many family activities as you can. The Pet Supply Company is ready to help you give your pet a wonderful Christmas!

The Pet Supply Company is an amazing website designed to be your one-stop-pet-supply center. It is simple to order pet supplies online with just a few clicks any time of day or night. During this busy holiday season, we are set up to help you buy the perfect gift for your pet today!

Ready for some excellent Christmas gift ideas for your dog?

Aspen Self Warming Dog/Cat Bed – Our Aspen dog bed is specifically designed to retain and reflect your dog’s own body heat. It requires no electricity at all. It has a plush outer, reflective space blanket fabric and an eco-friendly recycled polyfill. The Aspen is machine washable and available in 3 sizes from 24”x20” to 35”x27”.

Ortho Thermo Bed- The Ortho Thermo Bed is an electrically heated bed that only uses 6 watts of electricity to keep your pet comfy cozy all winter. The heater is removable so you may wash the bed when needed. It includes Dual Thermostatic Controls that heat the bed to your pet’s natural body temperature.

Classic Cable Dog Sweaters – The perfect winter wear for your fashionable pup. Our Classic cable dog sweaters come in red, blue, cream, back and pink.

Plaid Doggy Coat – Plaid is the hipster uniform these days and your dog will be right in style in this heavy-duty traditional coat blanket with Sherpa lining! Don’t forget the corduroy trim and classic buttons!

Classic Thermal Dog Pajamas – Your pup will thank you for this dog version of the classic red thermal long johns! They even include contrasting rib cuffs, cream stitching and the trademark button placket on the back!

Red Corduroy Christmas Stocking – The Pet Supply Company offers pre-filled Christmas stockings for your pet or you can buy this roomy red corduroy Christmas stocking and fill it with your pet’s favorite goodies yourself!

Slow Food Bowl – If your pooch has the bad habit of wolfing down his food too quickly, The Pet Supply Company has a few styles of food dishes that are designed to slow down the mealtime process. Green, blue or purple, choose one of these attractive bowls to help your pet enjoy better digestion.

Holiday Elf Knottie Dog Toy – Whether your dog has been naughty or nice, he will love this cute chew toy! There is a Santa version, a reindeer and an endearing elf to entertain your pet in these busy days of the holiday season.

Dog Cologne – Last but not least, the ever-enduring gift of cologne works for dogs too! The Pet Supply Company offers several pleasing scents to keep your pet and your home smelling fresh and welcoming during this time of living indoors together. Just a spritz before company arrives can make a big difference!

Here at The Pet Supply Company we want to wish you and your pets a wonderful and safe holiday season! Take a minute and come by our easy to use website for your entire pet needs. We offer free shipping and timely delivery! Come see us at The Pet Supply Company today!


Holiday Pet ToysThe holiday season is here and food is a very big part of this time of year for most people. You may be wondering how your dog can join in the fun. This article will give you some guidelines about holiday food for your dog. The Pet Supply Company wishes you and your family a happy and safe holiday!

According to the ASPCA (American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) there are several traditional Thanksgiving and Christmas meal ingredients that are dangerous for dogs.

• Fowl bones, especially after cooking are extremely dangerous for dogs. They splinter easily and can cause chocking and other serious hazards.

• Onions, garlic and chives all cause gastrointestinal irritation in large doses, as some holiday recipes require.

• High milk products can cause diarrhea.

• The amount of salt in many human dishes is too much for a dog to digest.

• Grapes and raisins can cause kidney failure in dogs.

• Raw or undercooked meat and eggs can cause Salmonella and E.Coli.

• Avocado contains Persin, which can cause vomiting, and diarrhea in dogs.

• Chocolate and coffee contain Methylxanthines, causing vomiting, diarrhea, abnormal heart rate, seizures, tremors and death. Dark chocolate and baking chocolate are worse than milk chocolate.

• All candy contains too much sugar for pets.

Take care about giving your pup holiday leftovers. Too much of any new food can be a problem for dogs. You do not want to be spending your precious visiting time cleaning up after a sick dog. (Pet Supply Company pet cleaning products can be ordered online today! Free shipping.) But there are some goodies you can share with them if you are careful not to over do it in one sitting. Here are a few Thanksgiving and Christmas foods that are safe for your pet to enjoy.

• Cooked turkey without bones or extra seasonings is fine and delicious.

• Mashed potatoes are safe for your dog if you leave off the butter and seasonings and gravy.

• Small amounts of cranberry sauce are a yummy treat.

• The pasta from macaroni and cheese is a good snack.

• Green beans without the casserole sauce or onions included.

• Sweet potatoes are full of great nutrients for dogs. Remember to scrape off the marshmallows and brown sugar though.

If you are still wishing that your dog could join in the food celebration a bit more, you could buy some extra dog treats to toss his way throughout the day. The Pet Supply Company has a huge selection of yummy and nutritious treats for your pets. Ordering pet treats online is a smart way to save time this holiday season! To go a step further why not make some dog treats a few days ahead of time, if you have the time?

Slice 2 sweet potatoes into ¼ inch rounds. Place on 2 non-stick baking sheets. Bake at 350 for 2 hours, flipping halfway through.


1 can 100% pure pumpkin puree
½ cup peanut butter
1 cup plain yogurt
Blend all 3 together until smooth.
Pour into ice cube trays, freeze 12 hours.
Pop single cubes into dog dish!

The holidays are usually full of busy activities. Remember to include your pets whenever you can. But if you have a house full of people you may want to set up a secluded spot for your pets to retreat to if the crowd becomes too much for them. Besides holiday food treats for your pet, you may want to come see the great variety of holiday pet toys and pet Christmas stockings here at The Pet Supply Company!

Santa pet toy

We hope that your family time is fun and safe for everyone. Come by The Pet Supply Company today to get ready for the holidays!

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The Pet Supply Company is aware of this heated debate in today’s world. The battle between dog lovers and cat lovers seems to be a never-ending war among pet lovers. The Pet Supply Company loves and cares for BOTH cats and dogs, equally. We would desire to see peace between these two passionate factions but realize that this is probably an impossible dream. TPSC is a super convenient one-stop-shopping website designed especially for all animal caregivers.

To help those of you who may be undecided about casting your vote for one side or the other, we have developed a simple test that will reveal if you are a dog person or a cat person.

• You are a dog person if you actually look forward to being mauled with love every time you enter your home.
• You are a cat person if you feel loved when your pet slowly rises from her pillow and looks at you when you enter your home.

• You are a dog person if slobber does not disgust you.
• You are a cat person if hairballs do not disgust you.

• You are a dog person if throwing a ball endlessly sounds like a good time.
• You are a cat person if dangling a string sounds like a good time.

• You are a dog person if you like consistency. You enjoy knowing that you can rub your pet’s tummy in complete safety.
• You are a cat person if you like to live dangerously. You can rub your pet’s tummy never knowing when her claws will clamp tightly upon your hand.

• You are a dog person if you have purchased the same kind of pet food for years.
• You are a cat person if you are constantly offering your pet new foods and never knowing if it will be accepted or not.

• You are a dog person if the edges of your couch pillows are chewed up.
• You are a cat person if the edges of your couch are chewed up.

• You are a dog person if your pet runs toward an intruder in your house.
• You are a cat person if your pet hides from the intruder in your house.

• You are a dog person if there are pet treats in your pocket.
• You are a cat person if there is animal hair in your pocket.

• You are a dog person if you have a bag of plastic bags.
• You are a cat person if you have a bag of litter.

The Pet Supply Company is ready to help both the cat lovers and the dog lovers in any way we can. We care about the health, safety and happiness of your pet. Come by our easy-to-use website today! Simply click on pet supply items from dog food to cattle markers and the items will be sent to you quickly with no shipping charges! In the war between cat people and dog people, The Pet Supply Company is a neutral place where both sides can find peace. Come visit our website today!