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The Pet Supply CompanyIf you are getting low on dog food, kitty litter, horse shampoo or even sand for your favorite reptile, it is time to come visit our ALL NEW website at The Pet Supply Company. We have a huge selection of items for just about any pet you can think of, large or tiny, furry or leathery, beautiful or ugly, sweet or sour. If you have animals in your home, on your ranch or farm, we have what you need to keep them happy and healthy. We have a collection of outdoor feeders that are designed to feed the squirrels around your home. Or you may want to order a bird feeder that even the trickiest squirrel cannot get into. We have that too! The Pet Supply Company also carries a variety of seed for wild birds, supplies for poultry and bedding for your ferret friends! And of course you already know that The Pet Supply Company is the go-to place for dog and cat owners!


The new Pet Supply Company website includes some great time-saving AND money-saving upgrades. The first big change is FREE SHIPPING! Yes, you read that correctly. We want your online pet supply shopping to be a pleasure rather than a hassle. PSC is here to be your one-stop shopping spot for everything you need to keep your home, ranch, or pet business running smoothly. We make it easy so you can take it easy.


To help you move through the site, our team has created an easier navigation system and a much quicker search response. If you are one of the countless masses who use Pinterest to keep your life organized, you will happy to see that each item on our new and improved website has a Pinterest Pin Button for easy sharing and safekeeping. You will also be able to find us and share us on other social media sites. You really ought to check out our Facebook Page sometime. It is an endless source of cute and funny animal pictures and helpful tips.


This is the perfect time to stock up on your pet supplies by shopping online. Take your time wandering through the website and see all of our new collections. You may not know that we have everything you need for enjoying beautiful fish in your home or office too. As you look around you might even be inspired to add some new pets to your family! When you are ready to submit your order, simply click some buttons and in a matter of days your pet supplies will arrive at your home or business. And keep in mind…FREE SHIPPING!


Be sure to come by again next month. Don’t forget to subscribe to our Pet Supply Company Newsletter to keep informed of special deals and great pet information. We are also working on a helpful Customer Reward System that will save you even more! Shop our wide selection of pet supplies for the pets you love (and even the ones you tolerate) at The Pet Supply Company!


The Pet Supply Company

We love sharing our homes with our beloved pets. Our cats and dogs can become important members of our family. But when we suddenly notice our pet scratching more than usual, or we feel that little sting ourselves, it is time to look for fleas.


The bad news is that fleas are wingless insects that are designed to pierce the skin and suck blood from its host. Fleas can also carry tapeworm and other infectious diseases. The female can lay up to 40 or 50 eggs a day on your pet, home and yard. She continues to lay eggs for 100 days. The eggs can lay dormant for 6 months and they live 113 days after hatching.


The good news is that the dreaded flea infestation can be prevented and eliminated once and for all if you have the right products and system. Those flea prevention and elimination products can be ordered online easily at The Pet Supply Company. We carry several brands of flea and tick products, including Adams Plus products that earned the Product of the Year Award for 2013.


At The Pet Supply Company you will find the entire flea killer and prevention system:


  • YARD: Adams Plus Yard Spray comes in 32 ounces and will treat up to 5,000 square feet of lawn and yard area. It will effectively kill and repel fleas, ticks, mosquitoes, ants, crickets and other pesky insects.
  • HOUSE: Adams Carpet Premise Spray kills and prevents fleas, ants, spiders and ticks for 7 months in your home.
  • SHAMPOO: Adams Flea and Tick Pet Shampoo kills fleas and the eggs they leave behind. This product also prevents their return for up to 4 weeks. It also cleans and deodorizes effectively and can be used on dogs, puppies, cats and kittens.
  • FLEA AND TICK SPOT ON: Adams Spot On is a topical application for your pet. It provides 3 months of flea prevention by stopping any re-infestation in its tracks. It contains Insect Growth Regulator and comes in a safety applicator to protect your hands and skin from contact.
  • FLEA COLLARS: Adams Plus Flea and Tick Collars work so well that they even keep on working when wet.


As you can see, The Pet Supply Company has everything you need to rid your home and pet from fleas and ticks once and for all. These products are available with just a few clicks of your keyboard to have them arrive at your home ready to work. Come check us out right now! The Pet Supply Company

is ready to help!

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